referencing from Dunn and Raby:
The A/B Manifesto


On one hand, the choice of airship as the form is guided by the current scientific research finding as feasibility endorsement. On the other hand, it coincides with the historical incident that Zepplin has been used to execute bomb raid in WWI, in which human’s ambition for colony and territory dividing inflates.

When the blue print of migrating to Mars has been elaborately polished under the commercial context, the upcoming new era of human civilization may be noir and that’s the A/B side conveyed in the project.

Exhibited at

the three figures closest to camera from lef to right:

Yongqi Lou (Former Dean of D&I, Honorary Doctor at Royal College of Art)
Dava J. Newman (director of the MIT Media Lab and a former deputy administrator of NASA)
Guillermo Trotti(architect and industrial designer for the habitation module on the International Space Station, to the South Pole Station, to innovative designs for Space suits to explore the moon and Mars.)