Wing-Spread Bridge
A bridge that features dual passage experience driven by structrual innovation.

Two typical interactions on the bridge: separation and encounter.

Innovative structure combining two bridge types. The new structure is more reasonable and lighter, with better traffic experience.

Dialectical unity of two trends, poetic combination of the two atmospheres on a bridge. Combination of tension and compression between the sling and the arch.




Under the lifting action of the sling, the stress of the tank arch is more reasonable:

  • Averaging overall bending moment,
  • Reducing peak value of the bending moment,
  • Optimizing stress situation.

Force optimization


Sag-span ratio can be further reduced, alleviating the bridge slope, convenient for all kinds of pedestrians to pass.

Height of the whole bridge is reduced along with the encroachment on the surrounding environment.

Considering the randomness of crowd load and wind load, we set 2 TMDs at the position of the vault according to the dynamic calculation results to prevent the lateral vibration of the main arch.

This greatly enhances the applicability of the bridge, making it widely applicable to other harsher sites.

Damping design

     Passage experience